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Mission Statement


I invite you to open to the vast mystery of vibration and harmony, within yourself, between us, and with the entire Cosmos.

The array of services available at Ruby-Throated Spirit all support your life path, your consciousness, your well-being and your creativity.


The ruby-throated hummingbird is a timeless, magical creature, suggesting to us that anything is possible. It is a symbol of joy and wonder. Its wings hum as it hovers and swoops, reminding us that everything is made of vibration. It surprises us, appearing suddenly, taking our breath with its beauty. The ruby throat implies speaking from the heart and singing with passionate expression.


Every summer, the hummingbirds return to the front porch of Ruby-Throated Spirit, amazing and inspiring me.

I offer a combination of counseling, healing, and teaching through astrology, mythology, tarot, reiki and voice, unique to my own spiritual journey. The weddings, other ceremonies and retreats I create utilize performing, writing and composing skills from my long career in the arts.


Although I live in Maine, sessions over phone and Skype can connect me anywhere in the world. I travel frequently to New York and will venture farther if possible.


Ruby-Throated Labyrinth, planted with herbs, nestled in the woods, is open to the public during daylight hours. You are welcome to enjoy a walking meditation and sit quietly in Nature, whenever you like.


The peace and beauty of this island landscape supports our work, the metaphors of the natural world teaching us wisdom, the Earth holding us generously in loving compassion.


May your life be blessed with beauty, wonder, and the joy of realization.


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