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“This week was our two month wedding anniversary. It has been two full moon cycles since mine and my husband’s mid-winter, Maine, late afternoon wedding – and since the day I did the most important thing I will ever do in my life. Just days before, after two years of legal battles and waiting, my husband-to-be had arrived, for his first time, to America and to our new life together.


Amidst so many feelings, emotions and newness, Andrea was our escort. She, step-by-step, helped us to create the wedding day, our wedding ceremony and to find the grounding sentiments that then brought together our small community of friends, our love and our vows for that day and our first real step into our shared future. Andrea, bright eyed, sharped minded and filled with love that only truth, study and conviction can bring, was our guide through the days before our marriage; she was our great conductor that helped us design and perform our wedding ceremony in a way that reflected our true love, our passion for a shared life and our commitment to live it with beauty and truth.


Andrea gave us the greatest wedding gift – she gave us the map to our wedding day and stood beside us on that day – strong, steady and smiling (and singing) – to let it unfold into a day that I will always remember and that set our married life to sail with the winds of spirit and beauty.” Susan Engel 


“Hello, I’m Susan Wieland and my partner is Christie Ward. When SCOTUS threw out California’s Proposition 8, I proposed to Christie, my partner of 19 years. We live in Texas, so we were going to have to travel out of state to be married. Christie looked at all the rules for the different states we could go to. When she suggested Maine, I jumped at the chance, because I had never been there and have always wanted to see it.


After a Google search for Maine Weddings, Christie pointed me to a couple of places to check out. I was intrigued by the name “Ruby Throated Spirit”. My mother and I always loved hummingbirds. I emailed Andrea Goodman, the minister there, and got a prompt reply. I could feel the openness of Andrea’s heart as I spoke to her.


In addition to being a minister, Andrea is an astrologer, author, and spiritual healer. Several days later, we were sitting in her studio and she gave us an interpretation of our astrological birth charts. It was like chatting with an old friend. She knew us that well from reading our charts. Her place there in Boothbay, Maine, has a labyrinth that has paths through plants of sage, lavender and lemon balm. We decided we wanted to be married there.” Susan Wieland


“Andrea Goodman of Ruby-Throated Spirit put together the most perfect service for us that we could possibly have imagined. Crowning Susan Wieland with a chaplet of white roses and daisies as Queen of My Heart nearly made me cry. I did cry when she did the same for me (my chaplet was daisies and red roses).” Christine Leigh Ward-Wieland 


“Andrea, Thank you for your words, song, time and energy. WOW. Really really nice. Perfect wedding.” Nancy


“Dearest Andrea, There are no words to say thank you for everything that you have done for us! The wedding ceremony was beautiful thanks to you! Forever grateful, until we meet again, much love from Luz

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