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Lightning Holds My Hand - $19.99 - Buy Now


Lightning Holds My Hand is a moving and comforting guide for all who are undergoing the journey of divorce or who are experiencing other kinds of loss or disappointment, offering an empowering perspective that transcends blame and victimhood.

Sitting at her desk and writing in her journal in the midst of crisis, Andrea Gale Goodman received words of profound comfort and revelation. This book comprises those journal entries—a moving record of Goodman's dialogue with the voice she calls her "Guidance” over a fourteen-month period.


As a guide for the journey of divorce, loss or disappointment, Lightning Holds My Hand offers an empowering perspective that transcends blame and self-doubt. It shows us that a story can be told many ways, and no matter how difficult our lives, we are much more than the characters we play.


The voice of this Guidance is intimate, speaking directly in moments of need as well as reminding us again and again of the beauty and magnitude of our lives.


Goodman is an interfaith minister whose ministry includes original ceremonies, sound-healing classes in Cosmic Harmony, and Mythic Astrology. Andrea is also a talented vocalist of note who performed internationally for 17 years with Meredith Monk. She continues to perform and record solo and with other companies throughout the country. Her work can be found on numerous CDs and DVDs. She lives on an island on the coast of Maine and travels to perform, to teach and to gather with a supportive, spiritual community of women. Her life, revealed in the daily passages of this luminous book, evolves as a continual spiritual awakening that has most recently flowered into the awareness of her Guidance.


Goodman notes that it was the deep sorrow brought on by the ending of her long marriage that caused her to open to new ways of receiving support. The shock of the crisis that felt like lightning—was oddly the comforting presence that seemed to "hold her hand". She has published this book as a way of serving all those who move through deep passages of grief and is available for readings and book signings throughout the country.


Divine Doorways - $15.00 + shipping - Contact Andrea


“A sublime musical journey into the world of Tarot.

Divine Doorways is an exquisite collaboration between Andrea Goodman (vocals) and Gerry Hemingway (drums). Two ancient souls connecting in sound and spirit through the wisdom of Tarot. Both artists so rich musically and emotively... Gerry's technique is virtuosic and his response to the voice incredibly sensitive. Andrea's voice is powerful, explosive, liberated and also vulnerable, tender, understated, subtle. Amazing. I really felt them as channeling ancient cultures, deities and wisdom. So inspiring. So filling.

Both Andrea and James Wanless (creator of the Voyager Tarot) wrote beautiful poetic notes to each card further deepening the listening experience. For the Fool-Child, Andrea writes: "I take a step into the unknown; something becomes ground for my foot. I step again and farther; it meets me, plays, runs away with me. I dip into the sea of enormous potential; something becomes a boat."

Let this beautiful collaboration hold you in your own boat and help guide you to that personal place of discovery and awareness.” Amazon, August 8, 2010


"As I began listening to it I felt like Bach hearing a glimpse of "Nirvana" and the future of music, a form I did not entirely understand yet could sense the validity of. It is a completely improvised work that struck me as a musical equivalent of abstract expressionism in art and an outgrowth of modern jazz in the unusual and original synthesis of modern drumming and improvisational sounding through which Andrea Goodman's rich, resonant voice accesses and expresses deep collective energies. I listen to it in my studio when I am painting and it is powerful contemplative music that provides a fabulous ambient background to support any type of creative endeavor." – Dicasso



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