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Spell Breaking

Andrea Goodman's essay, "A Path Like Water", is included in Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being- An Anthology of Women's Mysteries, Deep Listening /M.o.M. Publications. Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is a stirring collection featuring the fresh voices of eighteen members of an international Women's Mysteries community. The reader travels with these fascinating women through intimate spaces and territories ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the shores of Long Island to Egypt, South America, Canada, Italy and the heart of Native America.


Along the way we experience the potency of Yoruba ritual, the deepest grief of loss, the awakening of creativity and life purpose, the renewal of resolve and the transcendence of life threatening illness.


​In these pages, feelings, dreams, memories emerge illuminating the often harrowing process of "Spell Breaking" that can lead to a special kind of satisfaction, the remembering of deep and essential "ways of being".


"Ione’s Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is exactly that!! Ione is a “spell breaker".

She leads us into deeper realities to help us realize our true nature. Through the stories of many women, Ione reminds

us all of our awesome ancient mystery potential. In this way, she breaks age old social spells that have inhibited us, and

thereby creates new communities. We loved reading the inspiring stories of freedom." - Amy and Arny Mindell, Process

Work Center, Portland, Oregon


Ebook available through Amazon

Deep Listening Website


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