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“Andrea Goodman (has an) uncanny ability to sing the same music as Monk, while giving it a totally different character.”

Erika Munk, Village Voice

Review of “Specimen Days” by Meredith Monk, Dec.1981


“Andrea Goodman stood out, as she often does, in a passage in which she sounded like an entire jungle of Amazon birds in a joyous mating ritual.”

Wayne Pobins, Newsday

Review of “The Games” by Meredith Monk and Ping Chong, Oct. 1984


“Andrea Goodman created the voice for both the pianist and the dancer. She mesmerized an already startled, entranced audience with her piercing callings and warblings of the throated poetry of Cunningham.”

Cate Miodini, Ear Magazine of New Music

Review of “Four Walls” by Sincha Hong, Music by John Cage, Dec. 1985


“Andrea Goodman, accompanying herself on a lyre, was a Sappho of poignant strength and dignity.”

Jennifer Dunning, N.Y. Times
Review of “Maiden Songs” by NY Greek Drama Company, May 1987


“Her performance had grace and dignity. Her voice was lush, powerful, and pungent enough to give a worthy account of Sappho’s verse.”

Lindsley Cameron, N.Y. Native

Review of “Maiden Songs” by NY Greek Drama Company, May 1987


“Goodman, who is a member of Meredith Monk’s company, composed the music for “Of Sand and Thunder”. She also sang and played the Bandura. Her voice and presence on stage were radiant and pure.”

Rebecca Daniels, Woodstock Times

Review of “Of Sand and Thunder” by Bond Street Theatre Coalition, Aug. 1987


“Along with the marvelous voice of Andrea Goodman…”

Kyle Cann, Village Voice
Review of Meredith Monk concert at BAM, Dec. 1987

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