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Two Poems: Invocation and Jubilee





























Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings about Priestesses

Andrea Goodman has contributed three poems to this anthology: "Invocation", "Garden-ing", and "On Ordination".

Featured in this rich anthology of over 500 pages are works by over 50 authors, including Layne Redmond, Normandi Ellis, Patricia Monaghan, Johanna Stuckey, Jalaja Bonheim, Ruth Barrrett, Shekinah Mountainwater, Kathy Jones, Vivianne Crowley, Asia Shepsut, Jill Hammer, Linda Johnsen, Leilani Birely, Pamela Eakins, Vajra Ma, Mary Moonbow, and a host of others.


This volume is a colorful tapestry of voices illuminating the roles and perspectives of priestesses in the ancient and modern worlds and weaving them together to create the beautiful fabric of women’s sacred service. The personal essays, academic articles, poetry, rituals, and tools in this book will speak to your heart, inspiring you to step into your own spiritual authority.



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