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“Voice lessons with Andrea have led me to discover my strength within, speak my truth, and sing from my soul. It's helped me get strong enough to be my own person.” Claudette Gamache
“Andrea I found your workshop incredible and still feel the effects. THANK YOU!!! I have found that I just kind of break-out into spontaneous vocalizing throughout the day, now, and it feels like I have a new friend when I use my voice.” Nance Cusick
“I had wanted to write you, after cosmic harmony, just to say that one of the things I really appreciate about your sound circles is how the experience affirms one’s intuition and how it makes possible – makes apparent, visible almost – such deep communication and inter-connectedness. It’s really great. And fun.” Donnaldson Brown
“I have known Andrea since the early 90's when she first moved to Maine. Our first Cosmic Harmony class together opened me to a whole new way of relating in this world that transcends the illusion of space and time. I was with a group of about a dozen friends standing in a circle. Andrea had us each pick a partner across the circle and take turns singing the sound that was between us inside the circle.


I did not have a clue what she meant but her instructions were clear. What happened when I surrendered to trusting there was a sound connecting my friend and I was life changing. Not only did I find the sound but I simultaneously discovered there was a whole new way of using my body as an instrument to access the experience of interconnectedness.


For over twenty years, my relationship with Andrea, with myself as a sound maker, with many other participants in our groups visible and non-visible, has grown into a whole new way of being which utilizes each moment as a way to manifest the sacred web of life.


Andrea has been a major catalyst for bringing trust, faith, hope, love, confidence, compassion into every cell of my being. Her work is alchemical, changing the thought of ourselves as dense matter to the experience of being courageous phenomenons of light.” Christine Correa, artist

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