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Retreats, Workshops, and Classes

Private retreats for individuals and small groups at Ruby-Throated Spirit can be arranged year-round. Andrea is also available to travel to facilitate retreats for your group at your location. Andrea will help you determine a theme or focus for the retreat and lead meditations, teachings, healings and ceremonies that are appropriate. Any combination of services can be included.


The magic of a retreat at Ruby Throated Spirit is a long-lasting gift. Andrea's haven on the mystical shores of Maine provides the chance to really open up and fully experience the dimension of spiritual time. Her knowledge of the local animals and landscape creates a feeling of harmony with the environment. Sit in her cozy kitchen with a full cup of tea and ponder your path. Listen to the wind as you meditate in her sanctuary. Sing out with your spiritual sisters and daughters as you heal yourselves and each other. Lie down on some rocks and experience the drama of the night sky as the Ruby Throated weaves her tales of the mythology of the stars!


Andrea and Ione co-facilitate Women's Mysteries Retreats, a series of four retreats throughout the year, one of which is held at Ruby-Throated Spirit.

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