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Reiki is a gentle, hands-on transmission of universal healing energy, which was originated by Dr. Mikao Usui. "Rei" means soul or spirit and "Ki" means energy, with a connotation of the atmosphere around us. Reiki assumes that the body's natural state is healthy and gives the client space to relax into his/her innate balance. The client stays clothed, the touch is non-invasive and very light. A full session is usually one hour.


Andrea was "attuned" by Mary Carol Weber Kaiser in 1990, and made a Reiki Master by Kaimora in 2000, enabling her to teach and attune others. She is available for healing sessions and for teaching. Anyone who desires to be a transmitter of healing can learn Reiki, and it can be given in any circumstances, even over distance. It is a very helpful tool for well-being.


Andrea will often combine Reiki with sound, intuitively singing as her hands direct the energy into a client's body, adding the intentional vibration of sound-healing. This gives a sensation of deep relaxation, and produces a powerful restoration of forces, as well as addressing any specific health issues. Learn more about the connection between Reiki and Anxiety

"Andrea, Thank you for a wonderful session. I really notice a difference after. Relaxed and lettting go of tension and stress. I tune into the energy of the session during the week as I can recall it in my body memory.Thank you thank you." Alina

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