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Workshops and Classes

Astrological Awareness Class


Explore the symbols of astrology, become familiar with the vocabulary and philosophy, and learn to read charts. Discussion includes mythology, naked-eye astronomy and cosmic consciousness, bringing insight into our own and others’ qualities, challenges and evolution. A professional astrologer since 1985, Andrea teaches astrology to bring awareness of the illumination possible through this language of symbols.


The opening class introduces the symbols and interpretations of planets, signs and houses. Each planet represents an important function within the psyche, an archetype we all have but expressed uniquely for each of us. With the language of astrology we expand and deepen our understanding of our life paths and personal evolution.


As we continue to meet, we use the charts of the participants to amplify each one's life experiences. There is deep sharing and intimacy in the group as we come to know each other’s birth charts and track the transits over time. A recording of the introductory class is available to download for individual study.


Astrology classes are available for individuals or small groups.

Planets Speak: Private Study Course for Individuals

This in-depth course is done over distance. We delve into one planet at a time in your own chart. Over the phone or Skype, we discuss that planet's sign, house, planetary aspects and relevant stars. Immediately after the conversation, you sit quietly and ask the planet to speak, to tell you whatever it wants you to know about its specific role in the your life. You write the messages you receive from the planet, allowing the words to come through intuitively. It is a conversation with the part of yourself the planet symbolizes. We do this with each planet, sequence and frequency to be determined according to your intuition.


Vocal Technique Lessons


Vocal technique lessons offer a safe, healthy use of the voice that can be applied to singing, speaking, chanting or toning. You will learn to use a full breath and make a full sound, to employ the entire range of your voice, and engage the entire body as a vocal instrument. These lessons value the development of the voice as an instrument rather than concentrating on a particular style of singing. Singing whole-heartedly supports self-confidence and aliveness.


Andrea is available for regularly scheduled Voice Lessons in mid-coast Maine, usually one session of 60 – 90 minutes per week. For students in New York, Voice Lessons are delivered in more intensive, 2-4 hour sessions on a quarterly basis. Please inquire for details.


"Andrea, you so steadfastly give supporting and regenerative insight into the beautiful, singular complexity of the individuals whose lives you touch.  What you offer is irresistible. Once experienced, it's difficult to stay away from your deep and powerful wisdom." Liz Gessner

Cosmic Harmony: Classes and Workshops


In Cosmic Harmony, we sing the harmony of balance and imbalance in our bodies, emotions and energy fields, following the stream of sound, revealing and releasing old wounds and treasures. Our work is inspired by various spiritual traditions including astrology, tarot, mythology, mythic astrology, ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Native American ceremony, shamanism, and the visions and wisdom of all participants. With meditation, breathing, moving, sharing and sounding, we experience our place in the cosmic order, we reveal our relationship to transition and rebirth, and we assist each other in opening to our new expanded selves.


Suitable for any group including college-level theater, dance and music departments, Cosmic Harmony sessions are held periodically in both Maine and New York. Visit our Calendar of Events for the next scheduled program, or call to inquire and schedule a workshop for your group.


The concept of Cosmic Harmony is the sense of being sung, sound pouring through each participant, combining without effort, without striving for a certain harmony, yet all joined in a shared intention, to spontaneously allow the play of dissonance and harmony that arises. Beginning with breathing and movement, vocal technique as a warm-up, new scores are created in each class, as a way of inhabiting our bodies, our aspirations and our visions.


Vibration and resonance will be emphasized over melody and rhythm, the sound of the sound itself as communication, archetype, metaphor and character. The power of sound to heal, create and transform will be explored and experienced.


Singer and sound-healer, composer and voice teacher, Andrea Goodman brings 40 years of experience in experimental music to this workshop of vocal expansion and connection. Drawing on her work with Meredith Monk as an original member of her Vocal Ensemble, Andrea combines vocal technique that uses the full range of resonance and power with the practice of intuitive sound-healing. This improvisational style connects the voice to imagination and intention, singing without words in a universal language of sound.


For specific occasions, Andrea will teach some of her lyrical compositions, to explore using the sound quality to express the meaning of the words and the concepts behind them. She may also perform some of her solo compositions to demonstrate examples of vocal possibilities, and speak about the career path that has carried her to this way of singing.


Vocal Resonance: A Sound-Healing Workshop


This workshop will explore vocal expression outside of traditional song. Focusing on sound itself and approaching the voice as an instrument, Andrea will introduce healthy, liberating vocal technique as well as intuitive singing for sound-healing and for improvisational, evocative music.


Sound healing can be both effective and enjoyable in groups, as we experience the power of our multiple voices, raised to clear and energize the chakras, to release unexpressed feelings, and to evoke guiding images. The vibrations of our voices carry our intentions into effective manifestation. There is magic in the spontaneous harmony created by our combined flow of sound. We practice giving through receiving and receiving through giving. We surrender to ourselves and summon the courage to trust in the unknown.

Vocal Resonance is an opportunity to expand your voice in every dimension, for both singers and non-singers, including:

• Resonating the voice

• Resonating the body

• Resonating chakras

• Resonating with another

• Resonating the space

• Resonating with something you resonate with


Sound Healing Workshops are held periodically in both Maine and New York locations: Visit our Calendar of Events or call to inquire as to the next scheduled program.

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