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Mythic Astrology & The Tarot

These intuitive, oracular arts provide rich insight into our unique life journeys. They open our perspective to include awareness of our relationship to cycles of growth and change, to archetypal energies at work, and to our vast creative potential. Each one of us is a universe and we are intricately intertwined with everyone and everything else in the Universe. Information is available to us through myth, symbol and metaphor, and through the mirror held for us by the changing sky or the spread of the cards.


Andrea has been working with these symbolic languages since the 1980's, studying astrology with Alethea Worden in New York and Wendy Ashley in Maine, exploring Tarot with Rev. Ione.


She serves as interpreter and guide to illumine your self-understanding, to affirm your uniqueness, and to nourish your self-compassion. Readings bring clarity, comfort, confidence and inspiration.

Tarot Card Reading
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