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The Tarot cards use the law of synchronicity. Andrea uses the colorful and evocative Voyager Tarot cards to provide clarity and understanding through guidance and intuition, as well as to guide meditations. The cards picked at a certain moment mirror one's own inner knowing, helping to clarify the current process. It is wonderful for answering questions, for centering in the midst of chaos, for showing ourselves what we know but don't realize we know.


Looking to put a fun and interesting spin on a party or other event? Andrea is also available to provide Tarot readings to your guests.


Andrea is available for Tarot consultations in person in Maine, New York and wherever she travels, or via Skype or telephone. Readings usually are one hour and can be recorded.


Since 1985, Andrea Goodman has used the Voyager Tarot as the primary source for readings. She has also released a CD on which she sings the first eleven cards, improvising with percussionist Gerry Hemingway. The result is DIVINE DOORWAYS, Soundings on the Sacred Voyage of the Wheel of Tarot: Foot to Fortune (Available here or from

The Tarot

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