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Ruby Throated Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a circuitous path that you must follow, much like a life-journey with its twists and turns. You are invited to cross the bridge and enter, feeling each footstep as a communion with the earth, allowing your body to ground and be fully supported. Different from a garden, the labyrinth is about the path you walk, between the plants. The scents of the sage, lavender and lemon balm growing are meant to calm and clear the mind and nervous system, allowing you to open to your inner wisdom.


The ancient labyrinth of Crete is a symbol of death and rebirth, where the goddess Ariadne is the Lady of the Labyrinth, guiding souls through their journeys, giving them the thread to find their way through. It is a journey in other dimensions, between lives, between worlds, and to enter and make one's way through is always a transformation.


We suggest you use the labyrinth as a walking meditation, emptying your mind or perhaps holding in mind an intention, a prayer, a person—yourself or another—who needs healing or comfort, a question, a wish or a mantra. It is designed so you can circle through as many times as you want, resting on the bench. The oaks on one side and birches on the other, with open sky above, gently contain a piece of infinity. As you walk, you are weaving heaven and earth.


Ruby-Throated Labyrinth was created by Rev. Andrea Gale Goodman in August, 2010.

It is open to the public and is listed on the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator.

It is part of Ruby-Throated Spirit, a center for vocal studies, Reiki and sound healing, astrology and tarot, meditation, sacred ceremonies and retreats.

© Jonne Trees

© Clarity   Music: “Root Chakra” by Glenn Velez

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