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Mythic Astrology

Andrea is a skilled astrologer, using her knowledge of the stars and planets in their cycles and their patterns of energy to reveal each individual’s own calendar of growth and opportunity for change.


Astrology is a symbolic language describing our personalities and life paths. The sky at the moment of our birth held a specific pattern of energies. This pattern is reflected in the birth chart, and interpretation helps us understand and appreciate our uniqueness. The continued motion of the planets in their cycles shows us each our own calendar of growth and opportunity for change.


Mythic Astrology looks to the stars and constellations as well as the planets to find the primary mythology illuminating each life. It also connects the chart to the actual sky, orienting us in a larger context. The stars and the ancient cultures that developed star mythology become present for us, guiding our self-awareness.





Andrea is available for Astrology consultations in person in Maine, New York and wherever she travels, or via Skype or telephone. Readings usually require two hours and are recorded. One-hour consults for returning clients on specific issues are also available. She offers:
Birth Chart Reading
Mythic Reading
Solar Return and Transits Reading
Relationship Synastry and Composite Reading
Newborn Child Reading
Event Date Selection and Reading

"Andrea's knowledge of astrology is so thorough. And she marries it to such deep compassion and intuition. I leave her readings seeing a path to walk to my truer self."

D. K. Brown

Southfield, MA

Astrological Awareness Class


Explore the symbols of astrology, become familiar with the vocabulary and philosophy, and learn to read charts. Discussion includes mythology, naked-eye astronomy and cosmic consciousness, bringing insight into our own and others’ qualities, challenges and evolution. A professional astrologer since 1985, Andrea teaches astrology to bring awareness of the illumination possible through this language of symbols.


The opening class introduces the symbols and interpretations of planets, signs and houses. Each planet represents an important function within the psyche, an archetype we all have but expressed uniquely for each of us. With the language of astrology we expand and deepen our understanding of our life paths and personal evolution.


As we continue to meet, we use the charts of the participants to amplify each one's life experiences. There is deep sharing and intimacy in the group as we come to know each other’s birth charts and track the transits over time. A recording of the introductory class is available to download for individual study.


Astrology classes are available for individuals or small groups.

Planets Speak: Private Study Course for Individuals


This in-depth course is done over distance. We delve into one planet at a time in your own chart. Over the phone or Skype, we discuss that planet's sign, house, planetary aspects and relevant stars. Immediately after the conversation, you sit quietly and ask the planet to speak, to tell you whatever it wants you to know about its specific role in your life. You write the messages you receive from the planet, allowing the words to come through intuitively. It is a conversation with the part of yourself the planet symbolizes. We do this with each planet, sequence and frequency to be determined according to your intuition.

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