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Performing Arts

Andrea has been performing professionally since 1974, as singer, actress, puppeteer and priestess, from Carnegie Hall to the Great Pyramid.
Currently she collaborates with these other artists and is also available to sing solo concerts and at events such as art openings and celebrations.



Andrea has collaborated and performed since 1994 with The Figures of Speech Theatre, featuring world myths and folktales, actors, dancers, singers and puppets. She composed the music for Nightingale, including the nightingale's song. For Festival of Light, Andrea composed, arranged and conducted the music for a choir of angels. She composed music for Dragon's Daughter, and serves as narrator and musician for She-Who-Loves.



Nightingale is FST's exotic, musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story of the Emperor who is moved by the song of a plain gray bird, until he receives the gift of a jeweled mechanical bird with which he becomes obsessed. The production gently stresses the importance of connection with Nature, and the true essences of life.


Nightingale enjoyed a successful Broadway run at the New Victory Theater on Broadway in New York City, and is also a UNIMA Citation of Excellence winner (1996).


For information and performance schedule visit, call 207-865-6355 or email














“She-Who-Loves” with Figures of Speech Theatre


She-Who-Loves is based on a Comanche Indian legend and is inspired by the

techniques of Japanese Noh drama. This classic story tells of a young girl who rescues her people from a drought through love and personal sacrifice.


The structure and spiritual intent of the tale mesh beautifully with Noh drama, in which music, masks, and narrative underscore an ethereal poetry of the stage. Performed by mother and daughter Carol and Delia Farrell, with extraordinary live music by Andrea Goodman and Carl Dimow, She-Who-Loves is an exquisitely drawn parable of selflessness, mortality and miracle."A piece of surpassing beauty... which exists at the intersection of Art and Nature, of Earth and Spirit." Puppetry International

MUSIC OF A NEW FREQUENCY Andrea Goodman and Anna Dembska

Vocal innovators Anna Dembska and Andrea Goodman offer an evening of spontaneous songs, improvisational journeys, and vibrational transmissions. These groundbreaking sonic explorers have combined their voices and original compositions in concert since their 1986 collaboration, It's Gonna Be, at La Mama Experimental Theater Club in New York City. Merging ceremony, performance, and healing, Anna and Andrea will evoke the spirit of this moment in the cycle of the year, singing essences of astrological events, plant spirits, and alternate realities.


For more information or to book a concert, contact Andrea.

THE RESONANCE RESIDENCE  spontaneous improvised music


The Resonance Residence is an improvising trio. The music they perform is created on the spot and draws on a wide variety of influences: world music, folk music, avant garde, classical composition and jazz.


Think sound sculpture and musical conversation. The pieces range from serious to silly – with an emphasis on beauty and resonance.


The musicians are Carl Dimow on flutes and occasional strings, vocalist Andrea

Goodman, and Mark Tipton on trumpet. They first began working together three years

ago and reformed this summer when Mark returned to Maine.


Carl Dimow’s performances range from classical music to jazz and folk music. He is

perhaps best known locally as one of the members of the Casco Bay Tummlers klezmerband.


Andrea Goodman is an exceptional vocalist who toured internationally for fifteen years

with the Meredith Monk ensemble.

Mark Tipton is noted for his beautiful sound and for his prolific and creative ideas as an improviser and composer.


To book a concert contact Andrea Goodman.

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