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Voice Lessons & Vocal Sound Healing

Our voices have the power to heal ourselves and others. In private sessions and classes, we explore our voices freely and in depth, experiencing trust in the process and the magic of intuitive singing and spontaneous harmony. When we allow our voices to pour out, when we allow uncensored expression of our bodies, emotions and spirits, we discover the process of moving through. In the movement and vibration of sound, much is released, revealed and regenerated.

"Andrea appeared in my life as a mentor, a guide, and a member of my soul family. I feel as if I have known  her for eternity. Her purity, and authentic devotion  to expressing divine love resonates so deeply in me it  is like the rising and setting of celestial wonder we have in this tiny place in the universe we call home.  She has held my hand as I have walked my very unique and complicated path to discover the gifts I have to  offer the world.


She has read the stars for me, mirrored the pain I have had in my life through uncanny tarot readings that bloomed the reality of  psychic phenomena, and has provided a healing space  for my processing to unfold. Her magic is endless as  the waves of her moon hair dance to the vibration of  her exquisite ruby throated song. I have longed to join her in her work in so many ways, to be close to the fire of her brilliance.


The greatest gift is that  she has allowed all of who she meets to see their reflection in the stillness of her magnificence. She  will be the one that marries me, as she has married me to the life I lead and the dreams I long to  midwife, counselor, friend, and teacher I am overjoyed  to know her and be with her through this life." Ingrid Tosteson

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