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The Ministry of Maåt

The Ministry of Maåt is an international spiritual and educational organization nurturing the ideal of a harmonious and balanced world community through the support of women’s spiritual and physical well-being.


The ministry sponsors educational retreats and workshops in the intuitive and healing arts as well as in the creative arts. Journeys to sacred sites, meditation practices, personal and group retreats are integral activities of the organization.


In the Egyptian Cosmology, Maåt, (a beautiful winged woman who balances the deceased's heart against a feather after the journey in the Duat) "does not judge: she is consciousness itself and also the individual consciousness that each person carries in her heart - for she is both the motivating force and the goal of life. She is invoked on all occasions; she is omnipresent. Maåt moves and directs existence and Maåt is its ultimate treasure."


"Maåt is Cosmic consciousness, the ultimate goal of creation and of every creature, the immortal fruit of a constant acquisition. Maåt is the greatest treasure that a being might wish for." from Egyptian Mysteries, by Lucy Lamy. (Thames on Hudson Press)

RUBY-THROATED SPIRIT is a sister temple to the Ministry's PER ANKH (House of Life) location in Kingston, NY.


Rev. ANDREA GALE GOODMAN holds the title of High Priestess of the Double Maati. Ordained in 1998 and one of the co-founders of the Ministry of Maat, she teaches astrological and mythical perspective, facilitates sound mysteries, and co-creates retreats and ceremonies for the MoM community.

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