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“Dear Andrea, What a perfect presentation, filled with your life experience. I am enjoying it fully. You are a great speaker and your soul is there in the present. Lovely, so lovely and loving, dear Andrea.” Sat Nan, Ram Rattana Sonja
“I just watched your presentation. So great! You were very poised, articulate, graceful, and mesmerizing! I loved how you told the story of how the guidance came to you. I could feel your audience hanging on your words. Thank you so much for sharing.” Ondie
“My friend, Lorraine in Toronto said of your presentation, "Wow! Did this ever speak to me! I am in awe!” Jane
"Thank you very much for sharing this video! I just finished listening. Andrea, we all need to hear your message! It's so profound! You are the embodiment of the message. You are a gift to all of us! Thank you! Namaste.” Romee
“Andrea, Just watched your video. You are stunning. What a straight from the heart presentation and the message was very truthful and amazing that everyone needs to hear.” Alina
“It was really nice to see you and I wanted to reiterate how much I loved your reading. You brought such true emotion to the room. Julian is always talking to me about the so called "triple threat" people who can sing, act, and dance. You are some kind of decuple threat (that's 10x) between your writing of essays, poetry, books, performances, voice and sound healing, etc.! I am looking forward, as always, to hearing more of your work.” Ondie
“Watching you was wonderful, last night.  The beautiful way that you deliver your thoughts and messages is marvelous, indeed.  Once again, you really moved me and once again, I was grateful to be in your presence.  You have such a wonderful and gentle way of expressing yourself and you do so with such poise and tenderness.  It was marvelous to watch you and to listen to you and you really made my heart SING !!" Jane
“Beautiful speaking voice, clear, articulate, sure, strong, focused,instructive, helpful responses. The poems were especially beautiful with colorful voice using the language to its full capacity. Brava Priestess! Much love.” Penelope

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